Let’s tell more about Color Pace in this post and what surprises are waiting for you. Color Pace main game mode is intended to be a color runner and match 3 game which is completely a new way of matching colors in an action-arcade genre. There are main 6 colors you are familiar in most of the colorful games. There are also surprising special objects on the way of your main runner color object. In a few days I’ll share a game-play video which will reveal the features.

Is that all? No absolutely it’s not. I’m excited to inform you that there will be additional game modes other than main game mode. When we release the game there will be an additional game mode that you are again familiar with some games like legendary Flappy Bird. This mode is called flying mode, but there are exciting features which is making the flying mode unique again.

Another exciting feature of Color Pace is customization. Color Pace is simple yet artful. You can unlock different color shapes, background maps and then make the game fit your mood anytime.

I can’t wait to share game play videos to reveal these unique gaming experiences. Don’t worry, it won’t take longer publishing the game on app stores.