Since we published the “Color Pace: The future of Match 3 games” on Google Play store we passed almost 3 weeks and as we promised new game modes are coming. Today we updated the Color Pace for a new game mode called Fidget. Now you can play 3 different game modes; Classic, Flying and Fidget.

With Fidget mode you can now spin your fidget in 6 different color. In Fidget mode we gave a purpose to your fidget toy. A target RPM is set in every color drop. You can see the target RPM on the upper left side of the game screen like seen in the screen shot below. Just swipe to left or right to rotate the color fidget and try to reach or exceed the target RPM, then you catch the color of dropping color, your fidget’s color changes and you can score. When you spin the fidget your current RPM is shown in the top bar. Not like other classic spinners the spinning action now has a purpose and an immediate action to collide with the true color same as the dropping color.

We will continue to update and improve the game play of every game modes and we’d like to hear and we value your feedbacks.